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Viale XXIV Maggio, 78, 71019 Vieste FG,

Effective Digital Marketing

Effective Digital Marketing is an association made up of web experts who take action to promote and enhance their territory and country. It therefore carries out its work, which must always be non-profit, in the context of numerous and varied sectors: from tourism to cultural, social, eno-gastronomic, preservation and recovery of architectural assets, environmental resources, the recovery of popular traditions and crafts (the so-called intangible culture), with the unique and exclusive purpose of promoting and enhancing the area of relevance.


Vieste International

The objectives of the Vieste International are very broad. The promotional purpose of the territory poses various possibilities and can manifest itself both directly and indirectly.Iit creates events and demonstrations for promotional purposes. However, it can be argued that maintaining a social fabric that makes a community livable is an action that 'indirectly' has a positive impact on the territorial sector.

Eff D M Account Manager

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