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Vieste il Gargano e la Mountain Bike

Today we are in the company of Luigi Carbonaro, President of the A.S.D. Gargano Trail Center, instructor and instructor of Mountain Bike I.M.B.A. (International Mountain Bike Association)

Int Proloco: Hi Luigi, and thank you for this short interview. What are the objectives of the A.S.D. Gargano Trail Center?

Luigi: The Trail Center Gargano mission arises from the need to provide a development model to resorts that aspire to become the benchmark destinations for tourism cycling. The experience gained for over twenty years in the Mountain Bike sector is made available for the design and construction of structures, infrastructures, event services and communication aimed at creating a specific offer for a rapidly growing market segment.

Int Proloco: Luigi, how does Mountain Bike combine with the Gargano area?

Luigi: To the traditional use of the bicycle as aerobic sports equipment that embraces a huge range of users, interested in living and discovering the territory using two wheels, both on the road and off-road, a new market segment is now added that shares an approach to bicycle very similar to skiing.

Int Proloco: Wow, interesting .. but I'm a little confused .. Tell us more.

Luigi: It is an integration between the classic disciplines of cycling, mountain biking, cycle tourism and new practices related to "gravity" and the use of ski lifts, where possible, for the creation of a bike tourism product capable of satisfying the needs of all.

Int Proloco: Well, future projects? ... :)

Luigi: In 2021 we have the debut as organizing company of the Pink Trophy at an extra-regional and national level scheduled for Sunday 2 May in Vieste for beginners and road students. I really liked the organization of the event for the girls. I appreciated the idea and also the attention that other regional committees have given to the revitalization of the women's sector. For us it is the first experience, and when a train arrives you have to take it. Our association wants to be an incentive to multidiscipline, a concept that has entered forcefully in today's cycling. The Pink Trophy excites me and our wish is to make a permanent stop here in Vieste. It will be a pleasure to see so many young girls practicing this sport with joy and a healthy desire to do well ”. Enduro days will be held on 20 June and 19 September, while the first Puglia enduro race will be on 19 September.

Int Proloco: The tourism needs de-seasonalizing events in May and September. Mountain Bike competitions are excellent initiatives to extend the tourist season. It therefore seems to me to be able to say that Montain Bike and the Gargano area represent a beautiful combination for tourism ..

Luigi: The combination of sport and nature is increasingly the protagonist in the world of tourism and outdoor activities contribute to the sustainability of the territory and to the creation of structures for cycling safely.

Int Proloco: We thank Luigi Carbonaro for his time and wish him the best for his association.



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