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Vieste, confirmed for 2021 the green flag.

If you are wondering where to go on holiday with your children by the seaside, some beaches with the green flag may be helpful.

The green flag is recognized by pediatricians on beaches that are suitable not only for children, but for the whole family. The criteria evaluated for the award of this title refer to a beach of fine sand, beaches equipped with bars, playgrounds and a large distance between one umbrella and the other, as well as a good entertainment service, lifeguard surveillance and similar services. Important is the context offered to parents, to be able to feel relaxed. A good holiday for children also means content and peaceful parents.

"According to Farnetani who is a pediatrician and author of the initiative, this year a holiday by the seaside will have a bigger impact than usual on the psychological and relational development of the children, since it will be a compensation of all the lack of movement and outdoor activities due to the pandemic- related restrictions. Among the benefits to compensate stress, they have the chance to hang out with peers and promote self-identification in a peer group, as well as doing excercise outdoor”

This year as well, the green flag has been confirmed for Vieste and Rodi Garganico.

Considering that Vieste has implemented the beach surveillance for 5 consecutive years thanks to a local volunteer association, we suggest you to arrange your holiday with kids on our beaches. See you soon!



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